Вибрати мову


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Вибрати розмір

Technologically advanced, lamp made of aluminium. Rugged and well sealed casing protects against water enabling the use in harsh weather conditions. Equipped with CREE LED and sensor of battery discharge. Cut off Technology prevent blinding drivers coming from the opposite direction. Variable operating modes allow you to save energy. Intuitive and easy installation allows you to quickly mount the lights to another bike

Material: aluminium, ABS

Mounting location: handlebar

Fastening: plastic O-ring

Light source: 2,5W LED CREE XPE R3

Light power: 110 lm

Illuminance: 28 lux / 10 m

Range: 90 m

Temperature of emitted light: 5500°K - 8300°K

Power source: 3 batteries AAA


- 1 constant

- 1 constant power saving


- Cut- offline

- compliant with StVZO

- waterproofness IPX4

- tool free fastening

- battery indicator

Weight: 76 g

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